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How do I change between light mode and dark mode?

Atom is available in light mode and dark mode on mobile and web. You can change your display mode by following the steps below.



Mobile display will automatically match your device settings. If your device is in light mode, the Atom app will also be in light mode. If your device is in dark mode, the Atom app will also be in dark mode. If your device mode changes based on time of day, the Atom app will also change based on time of day.

You can switch between light mode, dark mode, or the default mode in your settings. You can find your settings on mobile by clicking the person icon in the top left corner. Click on the “Display” dropdown in the Settings tab to change your display settings.



You can select either light mode or dark mode on web. To change your display mode, click on your initials in the top right corner, click ‘Settings’, and scroll down to ‘Display’. Click the button for your preferred mode and your screen will update immediately.

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