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How do I use Stock Screener?

The Stock Screener lets you identify companies that fit certain characteristics. You can find Screener on web by clicking the ‘Screener’ tab at the top of the page. You can find Screener on mobile by heading over to the ‘Markets’ tab and clicking ‘Use stock screener’ in the top right corner.

To use Screener, choose a metric from the drop down, then enter in a threshold and a comparator. To screen for companies that fit multiple criteria, click the “Add filter” button in the top right corner. Companies that fit your criteria will populate in the table.


Can I save a Screener?

We don’t currently offer the functionality to save Screener filters, but it is on our product roadmap and we hope to have it rolled out in the near future.

While you can’t yet save Screener filters, you do have the ability to save your Screener results as a hub. To do that, select the companies you want to save in your results, then click the “Compare” button in the bottom right corner. This will bring you to a new screen that you can save by clicking “Save as hub”. You’ll then be able to access this hub at any time in your ‘Hubs’ tab.

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