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What is a manual account?

You can create a manual account in Portfolio to manually enter your positions, trades, and cash deposits and withdrawals.

Manual accounts allow you to track your Portfolio holdings without connecting to your financial institution through Plaid. You can also create mock accounts and input virtual trades to test strategies.

Here's how to add a manual account:

  1. Navigate to your Portfolio tab and click the plus sign (+) to add an account
  2. Select 'Manually input positions'
  3. Select 'Replicate a real account' to replicate a real account. You can also select “Create mock account” to enter virtual trades and test strategies.
  4. Enter your positions, trades, cash deposits, and withdrawals.
  5. Save your manual account

Please note that we don’t allow adding trades before the account creation date at this time. You will not be able to click a date if it is before the date you created your manual account. We are looking to add this functionality in the future. Stay tuned!



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